Hello my name is Douglas Remington. I hand-forge Japanese & Western Chef knives, Bushcraft, and Outdoor knives. I live in rural Oregon where I’m lucky to have a creek and woods on the property that lends me to testing my outdoor knives. I have been making knives on and off for many years, however in 2019 I was given the opportunity to apprentice with the folks at Carter Cutlery to learn traditional Japanese Bladesmithing, which has proven to be invaluable to me. I have since opened up my own forge.

Outside the realm of metal alchemy, I have been an active photographer for many years. You can see my works here: Ethereal Light

In addition, I love to cook, enjoy outdoor activities including bushcrafting/primitive survival skills, hunting, and fishing.

• res·o·nance | \ ˈre-zə-nən(t)s • 

A vibration of large amplitude in a mechanical or electrical system caused by a relatively small periodic stimulus of the same or nearly the same period as the natural vibration period of the system

While learning traditional Japanese heat treating which includes quenching blades in water I noticed that when you got it just right, the blade would vibrate back through your arm in a certain manner – as if it were speaking to you. I have observed that there is a Resonance to many aspects of Bladesmithing, such as how your hammer hits on hot steel. Understanding this phenomena I feel only makes me a better maker. I hope my work Resonates with you.

*NOT associated with Remington Arms or their knife division