My knives are made from high-carbon steel, as preferred by many of the world’s top chefs, hunters, and bush-craft practitioners. Over time the blades will develop a natural and attractive patina that is unique to the blade, which also acts as a mild inhibitor to rust. High-Carbon knives need to be hand-washed with mild soap and water, dried with soft cloth after use (or in-between long sessions), and wiped down with a food grade protectant such as camellia oil in order to avoid rusting. Kitchen knives should be stored in original cases or within a proper knife storage system and never left loosely in a drawer where the edge is exposed to other objects that can dull or chip the blade.

NEVER put a hand made knife in the dishwasher!

I recommend using a natural hardwood cutting board such as Teak, Cherry, Maple, or Walnut. End-grain butcher-blocks are the best. Cutting on a ceramic plate will immediately destroy a  cutting edge.